As an avid gem collector, lighting plays a big part in showcasing my collection. (Such as the picture above, it is a small cluster of Amethyst that was taken under a small strobe light!). Thats why i have gathered some ideas to light up your gem world! Here are some lighting fixtures that i use and/pr recommend to you. Just a side not, an electrician can decide whether to give a building good looks by doing proper lighting or to portray the building’s work as shoddy by doing an improper job especially in terms of lighting. I am not a professional but i would like to give some insight to you. it is for this reason that you are advised to look for a professional electrician so that your house can be pleasant to look at in terms of its lighting layout. In this article, we will look to share with your ideas that may brighten up your collection for a very long time to come.
What are the factors to be considered before lighting your collection?

Everything has a plan and all the good buildings that you were probably planned by various people. In electricity and lighting, there are plans too. There is a layout that is followed before the final outcome is arrived at. Some of the things to be considered are discussed below;

Number of ordinary electrical outlets needed

A professional electrician should be able to figure out the number of electrical outlets needed in any building that he is dealing with. There should not be so many outlets though.

Receptacles heights

This is also another great factor that must be considered. For settings, the outlets are set lower as compared to those of workshops. It is important to figure out the desired heights before the actual installations.

Creating separate overload

Overhead lights are best wired separately from the wall outlets circuits. This is done to ensure that there is no power overload and in the case where an appliance trips a breaker, the lights will continue lighting. Clear labeling of the switches is also encouraged for the proper distinction of the voltage requirements.
What are some of the lighting ideas available?
There are many ideas of lighting that can be employed to suit your house. The type of lighting you install will not only depend on your desires and wishes but also the amount you are willing to spend on the same. Some ideas are discussed below;

Under cabinet lighting

This is an idea that can be employed for lighting your kitchen. With this type of lighting, the bulbs are placed underneath the shelves so that a certain area is well illuminated. With a good professional electrician, you can achieve this perfectly to suit any design of your kitchen.

Track lighting

This is another idea that you can adopt. With this type of lighting, you can use flood bulbs to illuminate bigger areas and you can use spot bulbs to concentrate on a smaller region in your house like the pavement. The main advantage of using this type of lighting is individual lights can be redirected to anywhere. This suits you better if you like to rearrange stuff in your house regularly.

Use of fluorescent bulbs

This is another idea that can be explored especially if you are looking to spend less. Aside from being a good choice for overhead lighting, they consume less energy and they are easier to install.


There are various lighting ideas that can be explored as discussed above. The type of design you adopt however will depend on the money you have to spend for that purpose. Some are inexpensive while others are. Another factor that will determine your choice is the design of your house. But either way, there can be always a lighting idea that fits your house.


As a gem collector, gems we own can costs high hundreds to even high thousands. With that in note, we never want to lose it all through something we could take action easily.

Most people underestimate they need to change the locks. This is for many reasons. You may have been living in the same place for a very long time, you may have an alarm system, or you might build to your neighborhood to say. Either way it is very important that every so often you change your locks for many reasons. Below I will cover a few of those reasons.

When you buy a house or rent an apartment, you do not know who lived in it before you. It is not a requirement that the landlord disclose to you who the previous renter was. Therefore, it is very important to change your locks to ensure that no one has an extra key. As a safety precaution, I would even change the locks even if I did meet the previous owner.

When you are going through a separation or divorce is also another time but you would want to immediately change your locks. Especially if the break up was nasty. Even if your spouse has given back your key, you may never know if there was another one made. The last thing you want is someone coming into harm you with the key that you never knew that they had. Also, you may want to remove any keys that were hidden outside or around the house that your spouse may know of.

One of the most common reasons that you want to immediately replace your locks is if you miss placed your purse or is your children misplaced their key. There is a great chance that the key may be replaced. It may sound crazy, but I would even change the locks even if the key was found. There is no such thing as being too safe when protecting your family.

If your home was burglarized, you would also want to replace your locks. You can hire a locksmith to come do the job. Now, the burglar would not have necessarily have had a key but just as an extra measure it would be a great idea to change the lock. There is no way to know if he would have found a set of spare keys lying around the house.

If you are using the cleaning service and the company has an extra key to your home you should replace the locks if you no longer use the company. More than likely they will replace the key, we change the locks anyway. Especially if the contract did not end on good terms. You never know if there is some hidden animosity for any reason.

When renting an apartment, most management companies require that they have a spare key to the resident. You may be able to get written documentation to have them waive this policy for you to be able to change the locks. This is a tough one because maintenance may have to come in during an emergency, such as a leaking tub or if I neighbor smells smoke when you were not home. Without a key they would be unable to do so. While they may have legal right to retain a spare key, it is worth a try. The only thing that they can say is yes or no.

Lastly, you may want to do research on the type of locks you have including the brand. If you find that there has been any reports of the lock being picked you should immediately change them. I would do this even if your neighborhood is known to be safe. Neighborhoods deemed a safe are some of the most burglarized neighborhoods. Some locks are very easy to pick and we do not know, because this is not something that people think of him every day. Even if you have an alarm, it would be much harder for a burglar to enter if the lot cannot be picked.

I hope I have offered some great reasons to to think about changing your locks. Hiring a locksmith to change your locks can be costly but also worth it in the end. There is no amount of money that you can place on the safety of you and your family. Or you can simply change them on your own. Either way, make sure you do whatever is necessary when protecting your family.

If your furniture is becoming old and worn, then you know it is time for a replacement. Old and worn out furniture can make your home feel old and worn out too. This can have an effect on your happiness and level of comfort that you feel in your home. You may be thinking that your only choice is to go out and buy new furniture, but this is not always the best choice for your budget. Hiring an upholstery professional can give your space an upgrade without breaking the bank.

Whether your old furniture is worn out, or you simply want to change the decor for a fresh look, an upholstery professional can give you many more choices than the furniture store. This is especially true if the foundation and frame of your furniture is still in good shape. If the fabric is the only problem with your furniture, then upholstery professional can help you to replace it quickly and easily. Of course, you could reupholster your furniture yourself, but you will soon find that the fabric is expensive and that this is a time-consuming job. If you do not have the experience to do it, then in the end you will end up with a piece that is not professionally done you will end up having to hire a professional to redo it anyway.

Upholstery professionals can make the job look crisp and clean. You will not be able to tell the difference between your reupholstered piece and a new piece of furniture. They have special tools and techniques that have been learned through years of experience. If you do not have these tricks and techniques, then your DIY job can end up looking sloppy and homemade.

Upholstery professionals have access to fabric wholesalers, which means that they can get the fabric cheaper. They also have access to different designs and colors that are not found in retail furniture stores. This is because they are not limited to carrying only one brand of furniture, or following the latest color trends. The fabric that you choose is only limited by your imagination and how much you want to spend.

Using an upholstery professional to refurbish your old furniture is the smart thing to do both in terms of your selection and your budget. There is no need to stress about what needs to be done if your furniture is due for an upgrade. Not to mention, this is the green thing to do as well, because your old furniture will not be taking up space in a landfill. It will be back in your home where you can enjoy it for many years to come. This is also a great choice if you have an antique or heirloom piece. You can choose to either do it in a historically accurate fabric, or you can modernize it using trendier fabrics and colors. These are only a few of the many reasons why redoing your old furniture is a much smarter move than going out to buy new.

A plumber is able to conduct a variety of tasks that can aid in getting your house or business space in shape, including the repairmen and installation of water supply lines, water disposal systems, and related fixtures and appliances. Without a doubt, plumbers are able to help any space to run smoothly in different aspects, but with so many options available, who should be considered as an ideal plumber? This seems to be the million dollar question for many people across the country.
A Licensed Plumber Is Your Best Bet

The ideal plumber is someone who is licensed. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are calling themselves plumbers, but are they really? In order to be a plumber, you have to go through an extensive training and thus then obtain licensure. Not a lot of homeowners are aware of this, which is why many of them think that going to Craigslist or any other similar source is the ideal way to find a plumber, but that is very far from the truth.
There are a great number of people out there stating that they are plumbers, but they are not. They probably purchased a few books here and there and watched a few videos that talked about plumbing, but that is simply not sufficient in order for somebody to consider himself to be a qualified plumber. You have to be very careful when conducting an Internet search on this type of professional.

Be Wise

If you opt to choose somebody who has not obtained the proper type of training, you will most likely end up paying meaningful sums at the end of the day because he or she is not going to conduct a proper job on the issue that is at hand in your space.
A licensed plumber always has in possession the adequate equipment. This type of professional is always well prepared. This is something that cannot be said about those individuals who are calling themselves to be plumbers but in reality are very far from being so.
Do Not Try to Fix It Yourself
There are some people who think that by watching YouTube videos, they will be able to fix any issue present in their homes, but if you want to play it safe and avoid the possible risk of the present issue from escalating, you should leave the issue to a professional. If you opt to hire a professional plumber, you will save valuable time and money.
Licensed Plumbers Provide Affordable Services
A lot of people prefer not to call a professional plumber because they think they are going to spend a lot of money, but contrary to this very popular belief, professional plumbers provide affordable services. Many of them often carry promotions throughout the year so that you can take advantage of their services. A licensed plumber is able to provide you with a free quote and information. This will allow you to have more insight on how the issue in your space will be solved.

Buying appliances for any home can be very challenging and expensive. In fact, most people keep their appliances for years and years without having to replace them. Specifically, in situations where they can repair problems instead of buying new appliances when problems do arise. Therefore, when a homeowner is concerned about preserving their refrigerators so that they can last longer, there are some tips and recommendations that people can follow to assist them with these objectives.

#1 – Keep the Refrigerator Clean
First of all, it is important to note that most refrigerators can last as much as 12 years without it having to be replaced. However, when the owner and their family takes care of these appliances properly, they can also add as much as 5 years to this timeline as well. To start off with a longer life span, the owner must do a good thorough job of keeping the refrigerator clean. Though most people may be diligent with getting rid of bad odors and wiping up spills to prevent their refrigerators from being messy, they may not do a thorough job of ensuring the coils are kept clean.
Typically, cleaning the coils at least once a month with soapy water can help to prevent various kinds of problems including those that will adversely affect the compressor. This is also true for families that house pets, and the hair from the pets gets caught in the coils underneath. So, the owner and the family must be familiar with how to keep these problems from affecting the overall performance and the efficiency of their compressors. Pet hairs can be vacuumed so that it is performance is always efficient.

#2 – Don’t Over Load the Refrigerator with Food and Beverages

Some families may be tempted to buy all of their grocery items at once, and they like to stock up to the brim. While this may be good for cold and snowy days that people cannot travel out, this is not the best practice for those who want to have a refrigerator that can operate at its maximum potential at all times. To avoid these types of issues, enough room must be left in the refrigerator for it to cool without having to pull too hard on the compressor.

#3 – Signs of Problems – Don’t Delay Fixes Make the Repairs as soon as Possible

Little problems do add up over time. This is a statement that can be made about virtually anything that people delay. Just like any issues of concern that need to be addressed, people should apply this same logic to refrigerator problems too. Therefore, to avoid issues that can affect the longevity and performance of a refrigerator, it is very important for homeowners to address any symptoms that they know that should be inspected and repaired. For instance, if the owner wants to make sure that their refrigerator’s cooling system is cooling properly, a repairman can identify issues that causes food to become warm instead of cool and fresh to eat.

#4 – Leave the top Shelf Open for Dumping hot air

Most people may not really know what makes a refrigerator perform at its best unless someone tells them how the cooling systems actually work. For instance, some people may not know that the top shelf of a refrigerator should be left open for ventilation purposes. Specifically, to make sure that the hot air that is generated is dumped. While this may not be a widely-known practice that should be followed at all times, it is indeed a recommendation that will need to be adhered to if the owner wants a refrigerator that keeps their food fresh for the long run.

#5 – Position the Refrigerator Away from the Heat

Where to place the refrigerator in the kitchen is a big concern for those who know how a heating unit or system will affect their refrigerators. Similar to putting an air conditioner in a window to facilitate good ventilation, the owner and family must be cognizant of where to position their refrigerators in the room too. To keep the refrigerator from having to drain extra cooling power in a hot area, it is important that this appliance is removed away from heat whenever it is at all possible.

It's important to keep a clean and healthy room for your gems. A big part of maintaining your room is a clean carpet. Over time, dirt and dust build up can make it so a simple once over with a vacuum isn't enough. In that time it's best to get a carpet properly treated. A lot of people like to go the DIY route these days and in some cases, going it on your own pays off. With carpet cleaning, you have the option of going professional or going it alone.

Self Cleaning
There are times when the best course of action would be to clean a carpet yourself. I find that when the stain is minor, a good vacuum could be all you need. For tougher stains, there is the option of renting a machine to clean the carpet more thoroughly. Renting a machine has the benefits of being inexpensive, so you can save money and you get to choose when you want to clean, so all cleaning would be done on your own time. For people on a very strict budget, this may be the best option. Self-cleaning a carpet is cheaper so it also means that you can afford to clean your carpet more times with the same amount of money than if you opted for a professional service. I believe the question comes down to needs and the value of quantity over quality. While more cleans can be gotten for the same amount of money if self-cleaning is done, it is hard to repeat the quality care of a professional service. If a person is unsure of their abilities and unable to guarantee that they would perform just as good of a job as a professional service then self-cleaning would not work well.

Professional Carpet Cleaning
In terms of quality, professional cleaning is better than doing it on your own. In fact, the only benefit that self-cleaning offers is that it may be cheaper than hiring a professional service to clean your carpet. It's a classic case of "you get what you pay for" and if you're anything like me, you would be better off hiring a professional cleaning service, and I'll tell you why. While Self-Cleaning may seem like the best idea at the time, there are a lot of problems that can arise from Self-Cleaning that the cheaper value doesn't outweigh. One such problem is inexperience. I've never been professionally trained in cleaning carpets so the odds are, if I was to go at it on my own, I would be highly susceptible to making mistakes. With something as fragile as carpet cleaning, your mistakes can end up costing you more than it would have taken to hire someone to do it in the first place. Another problem is equipment. Professionals are called professionals for a reason; they are experts at carpet cleaning. While doing it on your own would require renting a generic carpet cleaner and hoping for the best, professional carpet cleaners have specialized equipment that gets the job done efficiently and properly. The effectiveness and quality of the work done is also a big concern. As opposed to doing it yourself, if you hire a professional carpet cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing your carpet was cleaned properly, and there is a greatly reduced chance of a clean job not being done right. Another thing to consider is skill specialization. Different stains like pet stains require expertise and knowledge in dealing with that particular stain and a professional carpet cleaning service would understand the stain or mess and be knowledgeable in how to treat it. Another positive about professional carpet cleaning is the lack of physical labour. Carpet cleaning takes time, and for people who work or have prior commitments, the things they would have to give up - like days of work, or prior arrangements - are financially more valuable than the cost of getting your carpet cleaned. DIY carpet cleaning definitely has its moments and uses but overall, I believe the gavel comes down on the side of professional carpet cleaning. While it may be more expensive, you definitely get your money's worth. With a professional carpet cleaning service, you get quality assurance; so you're sure everything has been done properly and that kind of service is something worth being bought.

There are a wide array of ways a collection can become vulnerable to theft. Protecting your collection and protecting the essential data of your collection should be your number one priority. When your collection is at risk for being robbed in some way, then your investment is not stable. Getting a cctv system installed would be a great idea and it helps to deter thieves. This is video cameras with monitors that record people in action. Most thieves do not even attempt to steal when they know you have a cctv system installed. These cctv systems are complete with video and audio too. Here are 50 Ways Your collection is Vulnerable to Theft:

50. Fraudulent Claims- Many collection have won disputes of fraud claims by using cctv systems.

49. Outside metal- Thieves like to collect anything metal, from cooper wires for lighting, aluminum from air conditioners, and even storm drain covers so they can sell for scrap to metal buyers. CCTV's can catch thieves in the act collecting metal.

48. A customer having a bad experience- This will lead the customer to retaliation. Make sure your staff are trained in how to handle the customer who is not satisfied.

47. Productivity loss- this is a way that the collection suffers when employees take longer breaks than they should.

46. Theft of equipment- Today digital office equipment is a prime target for thieves. CCTV can catch the thieves in the act or deter them completely.

45. Tools theft- Thieves like to target stealing tools which can get them fast cash.

44. Supply theft- Supplies stored in plain sight make it easy for thieves to steal, but the of CCTV can deter them fast.

43. High-quality video security system not installed- Thieves prey on collection that do not have video security.

42. Poor outdoor lighting- When it dark thieves will attack, but if you have a cctv, this video system can still see.

41. Not performing thorough background checks on employees- Employees can lead to the number one theft. When they know a cctv system is installed, then this will give them the tip not try anything.

40. Un-monitored cash registers- this is like leaving them wide open and saying cash is free for taking.

39. Anti-virus software installed- You essential collection data should always be protected.

38. Building is not being monitored- A cctv system can monitor your collection.

37. Wi-Fi network is unsecure- You are leaving your collection wide open to thieves.

36. Terminated employees- don't forget these are the ones who have had access to the collection.

35. High-traffic areas not monitored- These areas can also be monitored with a cctv system.

34. Unlocked supply rooms- can lead to stolen supplies, but with a cctv in place it will catch the supplies walking off.

33. Fraudulent returns- This can also be captured on cctv.

32. Documents not destroyed- This can lead to identity theft.

31. Credit card theft- Credit card theft can also be captured on cctv systems.

30. Weak firewall for your network- can cause theft of essential data.

29. Access to company credit cards not limited- you are placing your investment at serious risk.

28. Company mobile phone is not password protected- risking theft of essential collection data.

27. Merchandise is placed in windows or near doors- A thief can clearly see what you have, but a cctv is always on the lookout.

26. Un-monitored cash offices- is like saying welcome to thieves, but cctv can capture the mages and voices of all thieves.

25.Not performing scheduled maintenance on your video security system- it may not be working correctly.

24. No door alarms- You will not know if a thief will strike because you will not hear them coming.

23. No window alarms- Thieves like to come in through windows too.

22. Having open house or large events with no security-This is when a cctv system will really come in handy.

21. Shoplifting- even happens in broad daylight, but a cctv will let thieves know that they have picked the wrong collection to tamper with.

20. Not comparing security options- this will help you save hassle and money.

19. Loss with extended conversations- telling everyone your collection is not a good idea, but cctv can hear it all too.

18. Trusting customers- don't place your trust in anyone when you own a collection.

17. Trusting employees- trust them with open eyes only and a cctv has open eyes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

16. collection vehicles left unlocked- A cctv can capture vehicle theft as well.

15. Using the same password for all sites- hackers are ready for this one.

14. Storing credit card details on websites- this will really get you into losing.

13. Not having DNS service- this redirect you if you attempt to access a malicious site.

12. Not enabling two-step verification- a hacker might crack your password.

11. Not locking your phone and tablet devices- it is good defense.

10. Poor management- leaves you wide open for attacks.

09. Using apps that share data- helps make it easy for hackers.

08. Not having checklists- puts you way off course.

07. Not monitoring your profile- means you don't really care.

06. Online payment accounts not secure- your customers will no longer be there to do collection.

05. Using public WiFi- invites anyone to your info

04. Not thinking before sharing info- leaves you wide open, you may be sharing with a hacker.

03. Not thinking about the future- mistakes can happen to anyone.

02. Not getting a cctv system installed- will be risking your collection, assets and hard earned investment.

01. Human error- the number one reason that leaves you open vulnerable to being robbed. Getting a cctv will not prevent you from making a mistake but this there to cover your back and your collection.

A cctv is inexpensive and save you quite a bit of money in the future. They are easy to install and can save your collection from going downhill. You may choose to have it installed by a professional. More and more collection are using the cctv system as an added security measure. You may choose from a wide selection of them in top quality brand names too. CCTV can be on guard for you all day and all night.

My aircon is an old Mitsubishi Inverter which i had already installed from my previous tenant. It runs for close to 24 hours everyday. Directly below it is, yes you guessed it, my precious gems. Everything was going fine for over 2 years, until today when some fluid leaked out of my aircon, decomposing the stone off the gems of a few pieces of mine. I was devastated, so i decided to share with you this lesson and how you can avoid it.
Although there are reasons for this madness of air conditioning units. One main reason that an AC repairman will have a service call is because of leaky units. Most people just put a trashcan or bucket to collect the water and wait until "further notice." Confusing it is for many commercial and residential individuals who rely on their air conditioner.
Built up condensation is the main answer you'll get when you think this is the reason why air conditioners leak. Though there are many reasons why air conditioners leak water; yet, here are the 3 top reasons why air conditioners leak water.
1. Clogged drainage pipe
A professional will work on this quickly when a drainage pipe is clogged up. Normally, a main reason why an air conditioner leaks water. You'll start noticing "a pool" around the unit. The water can flow once the pipe builds up with water; it can flow through the indoor air-con route not the drainage pipe. When it happens, dirt and filth clog into it and this is when the pros begin their work, which is a process that only they can do. The process is coined "chemical flushing."
Another root of this area's problem is that there could be a "dirty evaporated coil" that can be mixed with water and the "trickling" down of water into the collective pan, thus clogging the drain. The professional can clear or clean this coil every year as part of a routine maintenance for your residential or commercial AC units. Drain pans do get rusted through and can damage your floors hence, causing more costs and headaches if not fixed properly.
2. Pipes of drainage are too long
The drainage pipe is normally installed to that the ac unit share all the main drains to the toilet. Another reason why air-cons leak is because of the dirt built up at the main drainage pipe. Hence, it cause it to leak. A drainage pipe with a large diameter can be installed so there is a lesser chance for it to clog. Another way is to get a professional to install another drainage pipe which will make the water flow out in that pipe as well.
3. Drainage Pipe Lacks a Gradient
The majority of the time, new AC units can be improperly installed. Therefore, properly installing a pipe can prevent leaks later. For instance, it the person you hired to install your air conditioner, he/she should install the condensation trap properly or it could be an improper 'trap design.' Either way, water can build up into this drain pan and make the water eventually over-flow.
Also, with no gradient, water leaks, and if the drainage pipe doesn't have one, then it should. There are some AC companies that install a drainage pipe that may be too horizontal. Thereby giving the pipe to get clogged easier, a horizontal type drainage pipe will leak more. A professional can adjust it nevertheless.
With it being a slight incline, it'll be able to push the dirt out as well as the water out. The air-con drainage pipe should be installed properly by a professional certified air-con repairman. This will prevent any leaks because pipes and such would be properly installed and maintained according to the air conditioner unit and the manufacturers' warranty.
Professionals should be called
To conclude this air conditioning leak lookout, one main element is to never attempt to fix it yourself. Not everything can go as plan; plus there are certain tools, experience, and steps that need to take place for it to get an air condition unit back to it's original cool state. Calling a professional is your best bet. Afterall, did you go to aircondition and refrigeration training school? Call a professional who has good references, background and history with working them without you fumbling into something that can make the unit worse or worse yet, can be dangerous for you.

I hope you learned something from this lesson, if you potentially face this problem, do something, QUICK! Happy Gem collecting!